An hour long trixelated fireplace

I know winter is nearly over, but here’s an hour long version of my trixelated firedplace to keep you warm. This is part of the trixel art projects I was making a few years ago.

The Mootrix

I saw this funny tweet about a farmer in turkey who supposedly puts VR headsets onto his cows to keep them happy the other day. One of the replies said “He did the Matrix with cows!” and I… Read More

My Custom Painted Ukulele from Mike Hales

Steen bought me a DIY ukulele for my birthday a few years back. I commissioned my old friend Mike Hales to paint up something special on it before I assembled it together. He did a great job!

Trixel Art Fireplace

I created this trixel art style fireplace animation many years back for a neat public art project in San Francisco. I dug the art back up and created a 60 minute long version, which you can find on… Read More