Savory “Loaded Potato” Waffles

Christine recently bought a waffle maker for our house and we absolutely love it. I found a recipe for Loaded Potato waffles and gave it a try. It’s wonderful!

Skin The Gerbil- The Theme Song!

Skin the Gerbil is one of the first tricks I created that really caught on. I found it in late ’99 (or early 2000) close to the same time I found The Matrix, which has a very similar… Read More

New thumbnails for old videos

Youtube thumbnails are tricky. You want them to be good, but you spent all that hard work making the video and you forgot to get a nice photo. I recently hired an illustrator to spice up some of… Read More

TikTok is hard, y’all

As part of my ongoing effort of documenting the human emotion, I’ve created a TikTok account. Mostly I use it to share yo-yo videos like this: Though I still prefer using Youtube as a way of sharing tutorials… Read More