An Animation With Looom

I recently downloaded an iPad app called Looom which is a fun tool for creating hand-drawn animation. The first thing I whipped up is a yo-yoing animation. It took about 90 minutes concoct and I love the result.

Popcast Yo-Yo Vlog: An Out Of This World Tale

In this episode of PopCast, I share some of my favorite responsive freehand tricks using a prototype Pop Art yo-yo. I also share a true story about the time I offered to help an astronaut with a lunar… Read More

Sewing denim wallets again

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on any sewing projects. Back in the day I managed to pay rent by selling handmade denim wallets. I was a tailor for a local denim shop at the time and… Read More

“took her frustration out on my TV” wallpaper

I saw this post on Reddit and decided to convert the cracked LCD screen image into a mobile wallpaper. As I am oft to do. And here is how it looks after it’s on your phone