How to cancel floors on an elevator

I recently heard about a way to cancel a selected floor on an elevator by double clicking that floor. I thought it was just on a few select elevators, but it turns out it’s a fairly common feature.

Try it next time you are riding alone. If it doesn’t work, there are a few other elevator UI tricks to try, like holding the door close button while pressing the floor you want to go to (which sometimes prioritizes your floor selection over others). Here’s a great list for more info on cancelling floors on an elevator.


DIY Kinstugi repair

Christine recently learned about this DIY technique to repair pots and dishware using a fake “kintsugi” technique. You can read her write up here. 

Right as Christine was doing her first batch of repairs, this flower pot broke… which meant I got to try my hand at kintsugi. 


The story behind the viral image of a yo-yoers hand

There’s a photo that tends to go viral once or twice a year. It’s an angiogram of a professional yo-yoer’s right hand that shows significant damage to one the fingers on his throwand. That finger belongs to my buddy Dazzling Dave Schulte, from Minnesota. After the image went viral again last week, I reached out to Dave to ask him the story about this photo and what it’s like to be one of the few full-time-yo-yo-professionals on this planet.