Another 24 Hour Comic Day finished… now what?

I spent yet another weekend making my twelfth 24 Hour Comic Book for 24hr Comic Book Day 2017. The usual goal is to make a 24 page comic in 24 consecutive hours, but this year I decided to make a bunch of mini-comics instead. I managed to get 8 finished during the 24 hour period and I think they look fantastic. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them though. One thought was to do a limited run of risograph prints of all 8 comics and sell them through Kickstarter. Another idea would be to sell them as an assemble-yr-own-mini-comics set, which would be good for me because cutting and folding each of these comics is going to be really time consuming.

Here’s a timelapse of me drawing this year’s batch of #24hcd comics at Mission Comic’s and Art.

The Bay City Beacon also wrote this story about our 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge and Mission Comics. I also made some 24hcd bingo cards! If anyone is interested in printing those for your event, you can download them here (or here).


Re-visiting old videos from SF Zine Fest and APE

It looks like Youtube stopped supporting Flash a while back. In the course of updating some broken embeds on my site, I found a bunch of old videos from the SF Zine Fest and the Alternative Press Expo back in 2010 and 2011. I’ve always loved documenting things like this by shooting little interview videos, so it was fun to go back and watch these videos 7 years later and still find inspiration in them. Nowadays I always carry an iPhone lavalier mic around with me for interviews like this, but back in 2010 I’d have to get NICE AND CLOSE to the subject to get the audio right.

For anyone interested, you can see the original posts (with lots of accompanying photos) here:
SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 1: The Clip Video
SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 2: Peter S. ConradSF Zine Fest 2010
SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 3: Jeff Plotkin
Peter S. Conrad’s Lottery Comic


Lazer Ryderz, a Tron inspired tabletop game

Lazer Ryderz is a tabletop board game inspired by the light-cycle scenes in Tron. I backed it on Kickstarter and finally got to play it a couple of times today and I love it. I’m a huge Tron fan, but what really sucked me into the KS campaign was that retro 80s vibe that they did so well.

The game is packaged like a VHS box set, each box within is the pieces for each player. The rules are fairly simple, players are trying to capture 3 prism pieces while blocking other players from doing the same. Players pick a speed for each round which determine which order they move, how long the piece they can use to get there, and how hard it might be to take a turn. It was pretty intimidating at first, but we all got the hang of it pretty much in the first 2 minutes of gameplay.

So if a Tron inspired tabletop game sounds fun to you, you should pick up a copy. I recommend it.