The Order Of The Snail release party in SF

The Order Of The Snail release party at Mission Comics, December 16th at 7pm.

My new comic book, The Order Of The Snail is finally here! We are celebrating with a small release party tonight at Mission Comics and Art in San Francisco from 7-8:30pm. Full details here.

The book was written and drawn by me, as part of this year’s 24 hour comic book day, and beautifully colored by my friend Mike Hales. It tells the story of a young kid who starts his very own secret society and it’s inspired by the real life collapse of a real secret society called The Latitude, here in SF.

If you don’t live in San Francisco, or just hate having fun, you can still buy the comic online as a pdf or physical copy here.


Pre-order The Order Of The Snail, my new comic about secret societies so

I had a great time working on this comic book as part of this year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge at Mission Comics in SF. This year’s 24HCBD happened just a few days after The Latitude shut it’s doors. The Latitude was a real life secret society/augmented reality game by the folks behind The Jejune Institute. It was really incredible and Christine and I were sad to see it go.

So I didn’t have anything planned when I started my comic, but that closure was on my mind.

The Order Of The Snail is the end result and I’m so proud of how it turned out. The book follows a kid named Mason Waters who has created his very own secret society. A society of one. One day Mason invites Tim, an estranged older friend, to join The Order. Things change quickly and soon Mason feels like an outsider in his own club.

If you like the art I make, I’d really appreciate it if you check the project out and consider pre-ordering a copy. Mike Hales is doing a killer job coloring the book and I’m so happy with how this whole thing is coming together. At the Membership level, I’m even making some really awesome challenge coins with my friend Meredith.

The Order Of The Snail


24 hours left to support God Hates Dinosaurs


My crazy Kickstarter project, God Hates Dinosaurs, wraps up in 24 hours. We are fully funded, but I’m trying to reach two additional stretch goals: 666 backers & $6000 raised.

It’s an ambitious goal, but I made the entire comic book in 24hrs, so reaching 300 more backers (at just a buck each) shouldn’t be that hard… and $1400 in a day is totally doable.

I’ve received some amazing press today in Live 105‘s blog and Comics & Gaming Magazine. the CGM is great and really in-depth, but this quote from Live 105 made my day:

Among all the noise of high rises in construction and tech chatter in a changing San Francisco, art always makes its presence known. Many have lamented the city’s loss of culture (and the weirdness that keeps it unique), but still, artists and performers find a way to adapt.

Doc Pop is one of those people. The multi-faceted artist is a creative as well as an observer, and was so inspired by the fundamentalists frequenting the Powell cable car junction, he decided to present his own doctrine: God Hates Dinosaurs.

For anyone wondering what it’s like to stand around with a crazy a sign in the heart of the city, we made this little documentary: