Mini-Comics Mixtape, my newest collection of comics

The Mini-Comics Mixtape is a my new collection of teeny-tiny little comics. These comics were all written AND drawn entirely during last year’s 24 Hour Comic Day challenge, and I think they turned out pretty rad. The comics were then printed in two-colors by Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago on a Risograph printer, then cut and folded by me. Actually, I cut and folded 2,100 comics in total, which is INSANE! So each bag of Mini-Comics Mixtape is filled with my blood, sweet, and creativity.

The comics are now available on Etsy or on and I’ll be having a comic book release party at Mission Comics and Art on Sunday August 11th at 3pm. If you live in the area, you can pick up a set of comics and learn how to make your own!


Folding Mini-Comics All Weekend

Earlier this year I started work on a project called Make 100 Mini Comics. The goal was to take my 8 mini-comics that I created on 24 Hour Comic Day and make them into a set. There’s a lot of other things I wanted to do with the project too, such as printing them all in two-color Risograph ink, but the biggest challenge by far has been folding the comics. I have about 300 prints of each comic, and it takes me an hour to fold about 150, so I decided to spend most of the weekend cutting and folding these comics until I at least had 150 of each comic ready to be assembled into a set.

I have about 500 left to fold, but I’ve managed to assemble 150 sets of comics to ship out to my Kickstarter backers. The rest will be made available online soon.


Making art on my iPad Pro

For many years I’ve wanted to learn how to create digital art. I love pen and paper, but sometimes it takes so much work to make a simple change to an image that I wish I could have just done it digital to start with. So I finally bought an iPad Pro for a great price off of eBay and I’m learning how to use it with the Procreate app. Below are two of my first pieces of digital art created entirely on my iPad Pro.

Mind Blown

Spider-Man Yo-Yoing

My goal is to keep learning Procreate so I can use it to create my weekly WordPress comics for Torque in a speedier way (like this). Eventually I’m hoping to create an entire comic book on my iPad for this year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day in SF.


“Sorry To Bother You” Fan Art

We saw Sorry To Bother You, the new film by Boots Riley, at the Alamo last night and loved it! It’s really original, but fans of Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam will probably enjoy love it this too.

I enjoyed the film so much that I made some quick fan art using my new iPad Pro. I’m new to the world of digital art, but I’m really digging it.