Another 24 Hour Comic Day finished… now what?

I spent yet another weekend making my twelfth 24 Hour Comic Book for 24hr Comic Book Day 2017. The usual goal is to make a 24 page comic in 24 consecutive hours, but this year I decided to… Read More

Best Birthday Ever comic

The best birthday present I’ve ever received

It’s my 40th birthday! So I thought I’d make a comic about the best birthday preset I’ve ever received. Based on a true story (obviously).

Download “Flies On Mars”, my newest comic, for free!

I just recently posted Flies on Mars (part 1) here. It’s a free download and will only be up for one week. It’s a short story about the pioneering spirit of fruit flies that I created as part… Read More

Buy “FAR AWAY” my Star Wars inspired comic now

Far Away, my Star Wars inspired comic about a young girl and an empirial droid stuck together on an exotic planet, is now available in either print or digital form. This book is some of my best art… Read More

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