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  • Googly Eye Mason Jars

    Googly Eye Mason Jars

    Biblically accurate mason jars. Follow me for more recipes.

  • Kintsugi Kashakas

    Kintsugi Kashakas

    I ordered a pair of kashakas from Ghana, but they got crushed in the mail. So I pulled out some lacquer to repair them, and I sprinkled some gold dust on top to give them a kintsugi look. Kashakas are rhythm instruments that have a skilltoy appeal to them. They consist of two gourds with…

  • Cooking With Chorizo

    Cooking With Chorizo

    This year I’ve been mostly learning to cook Chinese dishes (Ma Pa Tofu, Salt & Pepper Tofu, Stir Fry Rice, etc.), but recently I’ve put the wok away and have been cooking with chorizo. My favorite dish so far is this chorizo and egg skillet recipe, but I add beans and tortillas. I also like…

  • How to season store bought pretzels

    How to season store bought pretzels

    I’ve been seasoning store bought pretzels with my own spices lately and love the results. This works great with Szechuan peppercorn, Chinese five spice, chili powder, or anything else you can think up. For the above recipe I use some “Everything But The Bagel” spice from Trader Joes.

  • Our video game sweaters

    I’ve written about the wonderful Pac-Man Peysa that Christine made for my birthday a few years ago and now I wanted to share the excellent sweater she just finished for herself. It’s a Romulan sweater based off of the “Winter Event” outfit in Star Trek Online.

  • 2020 Year in Review

    Christine and I feel quite lucky to have survived 2020 with our health and employment intact. Both of us were fortunate enough to be able to work from home and our employers have been very supportive and flexible. We’ve been looking for a new apartment for years with no luck, but with the huge drop…