A few more egg jars

I shared some of my egg jars a month ago and wanted to show what I’ve been making since then. These jars are easy to carry to work each morning, healthy, and simple to reheat.

Homemade Egg Jars

I’ve been making a bunch of egg jars this year and learning a lot in the process. I’ve never been much of a cook, which is funny because I was a short order cook at Waffle House for… Read More

DIY Kinstugi repair

Christine recently learned about this DIY technique to repair pots and dishware using a fake “kintsugi” technique. You can read her write up here.  Right as Christine was doing her first batch of repairs, this flower pot broke…… Read More

Egg Jars for Days!

I aint no cook, but I’ve been really enjoying my new weekly ritual of cooking egg jars each Sunday morning. The jars are simple, healthy, and easy for us to take to work each day for breakfast. The… Read More