Dr. Fancy Pants

I have written before about my buddy Kiya’s high end denim store Self Edge, here in the Mission. On the weekends I ocassionally hang out in Self Edge to yo-yo with Kiya and listen to him talk to… Read More

Blue Jean Hats by SNSO

A week ago my buddy Kiya had a grand opening party for his new store Self Edge. Self Edge is a high end denim store, the name is derived from the term selvage. I had been feeling like… Read More

A day without a pirate…

I spent most of the day at 826 Valencia yesterday, having a good time and getting stuff done. In the morning I illustrated a children’s story involving rocketships, martians, and a 100 foot giant super computer with spikes… Read More

Fat Tie Hats by SNSO

I’m sure a lot of ya’ll remember the blogs I wrote many months ago about John and Fony Hats. John’s work really got me into hats (go figure, a middle aged balding guy getting into men’s head wear…),… Read More