Designer Eye Patches

I’m helping out with a pirate craft fair thing at 826 Valencia. I’m getting a bunch of local designers together to work on customizing pirate eye patches for it, so I put together my very first instructable on… Read More

Transistor Bending

Here is one of my most recent projects. Of course I’m a huge fan of retro technology and re-using old items, but this newest craft project has been one of my favorites. It also seems to have garnered… Read More

Scrap life #4: Sonny’s Bag

Sonny got a Lovelife bag! So of course I had to get the scrap from Roxanne and make as much as I could with it. This is the first Scrap Life article I’ve written not using that coveted… Read More

Scrap Life #3: New Skin, Old Sole

I can’t really begin the third entry in the Scrap Life series without getting a bit into a product review, sorry: It’s tricky to be a conscious consumer, balancing function and form with cost and ethics. For most… Read More