New Think Tank items up on Betabrand… go vote for the Denim Blazer and Hooded Shirt!

I have two new items up on Betabrand’s Think Tank this week. If they get enough votes, Betabrand will manufacture them.

The Best Denim Blazer

denim blazer

I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish denim blazer for years. I’ve found many denim blazers on eBay and in shops, but they all seem to miss the mark in some way or another. So I designed The Best Denim Blazer and people seem to like it so far. I even wrote a song about it 🙂

The Hooded Shirt

hooded shirt

I’ve always wanted a dress shirt with a hood, but had trouble finding one that met my needs. The fabric was too cheap, the cut was bad, or (most often) the top button/collar just wasn’t right. I decided to make my own button-up hoodie and the feedback was so nice that I decided to put it up on Betabrand for voting. The Hooded Shirt is “An updated take on the classic Silicon Valley look.”

This isn’t my first time putting items on the Think Tank. In fact my last three projects, The Glitch Socks, The Houndstoof Shirt, and the Houndstoof Dress, have all made it to manufacturing. You can see them all here.


Self Edge X Al’s Attire denim hat

Doc Shooting Me Shooting Doc
For many years I was Self Edge‘s original denim tailor. Though I did try to keep my purchases there limited, the experience did get me hooked on anything made with good denim. When Self Edge partnered up with Al’s Attire on a small run of denim hats, I eventually decided to pick one up for myself… and it quickly became one of my favorite articles of clothes I’ve ever owned. I wore it everywhere for years and loved watching how the thing had broken in.


Recycled denim chalk bag

denim chalk bag

Close your eyes and think of the most thoughtful gift you could imagine your co-workers giving you on your last day at work.

Following my last day at Sincerely, we headed off to a bar for farewell drinks at Rickhouse. I was handed a box full of great going away gifts: rolls of 800 ISO film, a bag of Blue Bottle Coffee, and a LIFETIME supply of Postagrams… but what really caught me eye was a climbing chalk bag made out of recycled jeans. I mean, I’ve had a year long RSS search for a bag just like this on Etsy and eBay, and my co-workers found the perfect one.


Denim plant sacks hanging in the SoMa

denim plant cozies

Spotted these awesome denim bags hanging up on Mary St, near the old San Francisco Mint building. Though I haven’t been able to get a confirmation, I’d recommend that work from anywhere… I’m betting this gorilla garden has something to do with Julian and the Holy Stitch crew. Currently, Julian is teaching sewing skills to talented kids out of A Temporary Offering‘s pop up location on Market St, where they also happens to have a lot of great succulents for sale (via The Tenderloin Natural Forrest).