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Category: egotistical

  • 2022: ArtVsArtist

    2022: ArtVsArtist

    One of my favorite projects of 2022 was working on my #SidewalkFriends series. Most of those went up on Twitter, but I’m not using Twitter anymore, so I’m slowly uploading them to Mastodon, IG, and here. I saw the #ArtVsArtist2022 tag going around on social media, so I decided to round up some of my […]

  • Redesigning DocPop.org

    Redesigning DocPop.org

    I’ve been running this WordPress blog for about 15 years and have gone through 4 major versions of DocPop.org site so far. I’ve documented those previous versions of the site and will share them in another post, but for now I wanted to brag about my hot new theme. My first Block Theme Block themes […]

  • I’m back from WordCamp US 2022

    I’m back from WordCamp US 2022

    Last week I went to San Diego for WordCamp 2022. It was my first WordCamp in two and half years and I really enjoyed it. This was a much more intimate event than previous years, since they limited the number of available tickets to 650, so I really got to spend more time with each […]

  • “Andorsand Interrobang”

    It’s been a year or two since I thought about the Andorsand, a silly glyph I concocted for “and/or”, but today I found a song called “Andorsand Interrobang” by Bob Bralove, Henry Kaiser and Chris Muir. It’s a spacey synthy driven instrumental that really slaps: The andorsand has also made appearances in this 99% Invisible […]