I Hired 8 Writers and Artists to Play a Game of Telephone on Fiverr

Fiverr is a service that allows you to easily find artists/writers/creators/whatevers to hire for very short contract gigs. Often times you can find someone for right around $5, hence the name Fiverr. The Experiment I used Fiverr a… Read More

Sundance 2019

I’m in Park City, UT for the last week of Sundance Film Festival. Christine and I have seen 7 films/collections, so here’s a quick list of my favorites.  Untitled Amazing Jonathan Documentary Hail Satan? The Witch Hunters  Indie… Read More

Roast Beef Dunwich, our horrifying new Twitterbot

Have you ever wondered what items would be on the menu in a cosmic-horror-themed diner? Me too! Well not at first, but I had a fun Twitter handle (@eatroastbeef) that I wanted to do something neat with, so… Read More

When Climbers Hookup.

Spotted this flier in Mission Cliffs last year and forgot about it, but I was cleaning out my photo album recently and thought it was worth sharing. People love it on R/climbing too. Speaking of Mission Cliffs, I… Read More