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  • Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station

    Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station

    Steen and I wanted to see the Perseid meteor shower, so we hopped in a car and drove an hour south to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. We hoped that getting away from the lights of the city would improve our odds of seeing the meteor shower, but we didn’t expect it to be so foggy. All…

  • My Two Looks

    My Two Looks

    Barbenheimer and Paul Bunyan. See also:

  • “The Doctor”, a New Coffee Drink At La Lucha in San Francisco

    “The Doctor”, a New Coffee Drink At La Lucha in San Francisco

    Did you miss out on the limited edition Doctor Popular Sandwich at Ike’s Place or the DocPopGurt at YoCup Frozen Yogurt? Well now is your chance to try the newest Doc Pop-themed food item; The Doctor! The Doctor is an iced americano served with sparkling water and an orange & vanilla simple syrup. It’s available…

  • 2022: ArtVsArtist

    2022: ArtVsArtist

    One of my favorite projects of 2022 was working on my #SidewalkFriends series. Most of those went up on Twitter, but I’m not using Twitter anymore, so I’m slowly uploading them to Mastodon, IG, and here. I saw the #ArtVsArtist2022 tag going around on social media, so I decided to round up some of my…