I’m on this week’s episode of Weird And Wonderful with Broke-Ass Stuart

I’ve been a fan of Broke-Ass Stuart and Sonny Phono’s “Weird And Wonderful” podcast since it launched, so it’s kind of weird being featured in an episode. According to the show’s description I talk about “how to live a fun, fulfilling, and creative life”, but I haven’t had the courage to listen to it yet. I’m going to pour myself a glass of fernet first.

You can listen to it here or subscribe to W&W on iTunes here.


Hiking the Matt Davis Trail in Stinson Beach

Today we hiked the Matt Davis Trail in Stinson Beach, CA. Part of this hike includes the Dipsea Trail, which is part of the oldest trail race in the US. So we saw lots of crazy runners training on it. My favorite part was the section of the trail with the small ladder on it.

I sprained my ankle a few months back, so it’s good to get a short (7.5 mile) hike like this in before we head off to Iceland in the summer.

Speaking of Iceland, Christine just finished knitting her 2nd lopapeysa, which she wore for our hike.

Christine's new lopapeysa.


Climbing Valentine’s Card

For our first Valentine’s Day together, I wanted to make a climbing themed card for Christine. This was about 5 years ago, and we had only been dating for a few weeks. We had first met in the climbing gym, so I decided it would be cool to make a “Would you be my Valentine?” card and hide it at the top of a route for Christine to find.

Climber's Prom

That night I had the Valentine’s Day card hidden in my chalk bag as I asked Christine which route she’d like to climb first.

“I’d like to try that 11B” she said, pointing to one of the tallest routes in the gym.
“Really? That looks kind of hard.” I replied, “Maybe we should warm up first.”
“You don’t have to climb it.”
“No” I said, as I started threading the rope through my harness, “I do.”

I had only been in the sport for a year and was most comfortable climbing 10Ds at the time, but I tried my best to finish this long route. I didn’t flash it, but I did successfully sneak the card at an easy to find spot.

Christine went next and flashed the climb. As I lowered her back down, she had a big smile on her face as she read the card. She said “Yes”.

Ever since then, Christine has kept pushing me to climb a little bit higher and try new things.

Tying the knot