iPhone music gets explored on Solipsistic Nation

Episode #193 of the Solipsistic Nation takes a look into the emerging world of iPhone/iPad musicians. The episode features app music and interviews of Rana June, Nuclear O’Reilly, Marshall Law, Speak Onion, and myself. Click here to subscribe… Read More

Is This Real Life?

Somehow, I made it this far without anybody ever saying “Hey, at some point you should get y’r wisdom teeth removed sometime.” I guess it’s not the subject of everyday conversation, still, I wonder how everyone else seems… Read More

About your orders with Colchester Rubber Company

I’m on the floor at the Missouri State Yo-Yo Contest right now, so I’ll have to try and keep this short, but I felt it was important to communicate what’s happening with Colchester Rubber Company. Several weeks ago,… Read More

“Please Proceed With Awesomeness”

Speaking of awesome yo-yo interviews, hop on over to Nerd-News.com for a totally tubular interview with yours truly. Topics include; yo-yoing, game design, The Mighty Boosh, and that fantastic iPhone app called Nanoloophole… er, Nanoloop. The interview has… Read More