Is This Real Life?

Somehow, I made it this far without anybody ever saying “Hey, at some point you should get y’r wisdom teeth removed sometime.” I guess it’s not the subject of everyday conversation, still, I wonder how everyone else seems… Read More

About your orders with Colchester Rubber Company

I’m on the floor at the Missouri State Yo-Yo Contest right now, so I’ll have to try and keep this short, but I felt it was important to communicate what’s happening with Colchester Rubber Company. Several weeks ago,… Read More

“Please Proceed With Awesomeness”

Speaking of awesome yo-yo interviews, hop on over to for a totally tubular interview with yours truly. Topics include; yo-yoing, game design, The Mighty Boosh, and that fantastic iPhone app called Nanoloophole… er, Nanoloop. The interview has… Read More