Robert Tinney’s Visions Of The Future

Though I’ve seen a few of these on bookshelves over the years, I’ve only recently come to truly appreciate Robert Tinney‘s beautifully painted covers for Byte magazine. Tinney’s futuristic paintings appeared on Byte’s covers from 1975-1986 and and… Read More

Songs Mashed Up With Composition 4’33”

I might be the only one that thinks these videos are enjoyable, but I still crack up every-time I watch one. Making them was a blast, I just sorted iTunes by song length then found my favorite songs… Read More

Online Moving Dots

Create stunning gifs with Dominik Seibold’s online moving dots animation-generator. Here are some of mine:

How Nick Fury Lost His Eye

I stumbled upon some old Nick Fury comics that I think might explain how Nick Fury lost his eye. I mean… c’mon! Didn’t he think about this before he put his helmet on? But he didn’t even learn… Read More