Blind Cherub’s 1-bit art for Cara Neir’s “Valkyrie”

Today I stumbled on the Juan Vizcarra’s (aka Blind Cherub) twitter page and spent some time looking through their 1-bit style art. There are lots of great pieces there, but one that really caught my eye was a… Read More

Why Undefined is the most popular user on Thingiverse

I recently signed up for Thingiverse and noticed it was just a buggy nightmare. I tried uploading my first design a few weeks ago, but it seems to just be stuck in limbo. It shows that I have… Read More

Pre-stilled Vodka Martini

I just had a realization yesterday and wanted to share it here:

What happened to the robot?

A friend recently shared this short film by Casey Hudetz that talks about artificial intelligence in a really interesting way. Specifically it talks about whether or not AI can really understand a story by showing it “I Want… Read More