Music Video Round Up

Here is a collection of music videos that have made me smile lately. They don’t really have much in common other than they are kind of older and mostly hip hop. Since a few of them (like Dizzee’s “I Don’t Need A Reason” and Wiley’s “Numbers“) seem heavily inspired by gif culture, I’m also embedding The Idea Channel’s episode on that topic too.

Dizzee Rascal – Bassline Junkie

Mac Lethal – Weekly Wage

Wiley ‘Numbers in Action’



Nightmare fuel

After a hard day of internetting, I usually come across one or two particularly cute and uplifting videos. But this week I feel like everything I watch is driving my post-election anxieties rather than easing them.

To be clear, these videos aren’t gross or violent at all. In fact most of them are actually kind of funny, but I feel like each one of them has somehow tapped into some fear I never realized I had before. So grab some popcorn and enjoy this nightmare fuel.

This hamster


Paternoster Elevators

Tay Zonday playing Team Fortress 2

Being passed by a free climber while on a multi-pitch climb

This Squirrel

Creepy Watson


Homemade Fernet Jelly

I recently gave Christine a copy of Cooking with Fernet Branca, a silly book about a biter writer who has to suffer the unpleasant company of his neighbor. The book isn’t actually a cookbook, but it does contain some rather adventurous recipes. In fact Christine just made chocolate fried mussels from one the very first recipes in chapter one. It was great, but sadly lacking in the Fernet department.

So I went through and found this super simple recipe for homemade Fernet jelly. I’ve never made a jelly before, and this recipe is about was a great starting place. If you love Fernet, you’ll really enjoy this jelly. It’s a bit figgy, sort of savory, and very boozy. We used Fernet Branca for this first batch, but I bet it would work fantastic with Fernet Francisco too. It goes great with peanut butter too!

If you are interested, you can find the recipe on Stir and Strain, where you can also find recipes for Fernet Chicken and Fernet Lollipops.


Moebius parodies Batman in 1995’s “I Am Not Batman”

moebius-batmanAlthough Mœbius was a legend in the comics industry, it was rare that we ever saw him cross over into the world of mainstream comics. There was “Parable” a beautiful, but poorly written Silver Surfer book he made with Stan Lee, and a dozen or more covers he did for Marvel and DC (here’s a good collection). When it came to working in comics, he clearly prefered sticking to his own creations, but that doesn’t mean he avoided mainstream hero comics all together.

In 1994 Moebius submitted a short Batman comic to DC Comics, who quickly rejected the work and refused to pay Moebius for any of it. So he re-worked the comic, presumably in a more humorous style, and published it as “I Am Not Batman” with Penthouse Comix.

The full comic contained several short Batman stories and sketches, but I’m sharing only the 8 page main story below: