Nerdcore, KnifeTank, Beefy, and me

One thousand folks have asked me “Who’s that rapping on your Kickstarter video?“. I produced the beat and hired a death-metal singer to scream on the hooks, but the real star of the song is Beefy, a legendary… Read More

KnifeTank: The Shüffling is live now on Kickstarter

I’m so proud to say that my first tabletop game, KnifeTank: The Shüffling, is now live on Kickstarter. The game has already reached its $8,000 goal, but now I have my eyes set on reaching 1,000 backers. I’m… Read More

Fears and feelings about the next big project

I’m more scared about the upcoming release of KnifeTank: The Shüffling than any other project I can recall. I’ve been working on this game, plus a few others, for almost 4 years now and I’m so anxious to… Read More

KnifeTanking it up

This weekend I finished recording vocals for my next chiptune album and wrapped production on the Kickstarter video for KnifeTank: The Shüffling. The video was shot by my friend Shalaco and is being editing now. So many of… Read More