Thinking out loud about my next game project

I recorded a short video for my KnifeTank: The Shüffling backers on Youtube, but thought I’d share it here as well. Basically I have a ton of board games I’ve designed, but I’m not sure which one to… Read More

James Bond playing 1D Chess

Some recent love for 1D Chess

My 1D Chess game received a ton of shares and downloads last week. It was great seeing so many new people discover this bizarre chess variant. Somehow the game was featured on, which is a wildly popular… Read More

2020 Year in Review

Christine and I feel quite lucky to have survived 2020 with our health and employment intact. Both of us were fortunate enough to be able to work from home and our employers have been very supportive and flexible…. Read More

What if the Queen’s Gambit was about One-Dimensional Chess

Just some silly images of the characters from Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit” playing Doc Pop’s One-Dimensional Chess. Speaking of 1D Chess, this tweet made my year: