Video Games HIStory, ’72-’07

If you were trying to sum up the history of video games, what would you put on the list? Here is a cool new video that sums up the “history of video games” in 5 minutes. Though I’m… Read More

Light Speed, real time strategy card game

Tonight a few friends and I got together at Mission Creek Cafe for our semi-weekly Game Theory night. GT is when where we get together to think/talk/review/create/and play games of all types. Tonight’s most interesting topic was a… Read More

Win Or Lose, You Lose.

Here is a found California Canadian lottery ticket called Moustache Match. Apparently the goal is to get 3 similar mustaches in a row. As a kid, my pa used to tell me that the lottery was a “stupid… Read More

Mate in 64

Bobby Fischer, the legendary chess grand master, passed away yesterday. Fischer’s place in chess history may remain highly debated, but he will always be my favorite player. His games were always entertaining and often unpredictable. As a teenager,… Read More