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Category: sweet ride

  • Happy 808 day, hear some new songs and demos from Sweet Ride

    Happy 808 day, hear some new songs and demos from Sweet Ride

    I’ve been cranking out a bunch of songs lately, on both acoustic and electronic devices. It’s been a blast to be diving into music again. Most of the electronic tunes I’ve been working on were intended to be used for our Sweet Ride video game (which is still in the works), but I’ve already got […]

  • Sweet Ride music update (and pause screen)

    We are still banging away on our Sweet Ride game and I’ve finally started cranking out some song ideas for it, but first I wanted to show you the awesome cassette tape effect we added to the game’s pause screen: Like I said, I’ve been kicking out some jams for Sweet Ride and I’m really […]

  • Sweet Ride update: Donuts, Cassette Tapes, and More

    It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of our progress on Sweet Ride, so here’s a quick update. First off, here’s some recent in game footage: Some of those recent changes include New camera angle- we brought the camera closer to the board with a wider field of view. The end result should help […]

  • Which hoverboard do you like best?

    While playtesting our Sweet Ride game, we kept having players ask us why the board didn’t slow down or change direction whenever they turned it. For us the game was always meant to be a silly un-realistic take on skateboard games, but for our players the lack of friction was distracting. So we decided to […]