How I celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Around 5pm on January 21st, I had a little meet-up in my studio to chat with some strangers about my tips and tricks for crowdfunding campaigns. Folks started arriving 1 at a time and it wasn’t until the… Read More

SquirrelWarz is out now for iPads

Our new game, SquirrelWarz, is out now for the iPad! Go buy it RIGHT NOW so we can make more games! It’s only $.99… Go ahead, I’ll wait. SquirrelWarz is a game we started working on 4 years… Read More

“Please Proceed With Awesomeness”

Speaking of awesome yo-yo interviews, hop on over to for a totally tubular interview with yours truly. Topics include; yo-yoing, game design, The Mighty Boosh, and that fantastic iPhone app called Nanoloophole… er, Nanoloop. The interview has… Read More

The Mighty Decider

Our app, The Mighty Decider, got the Jimmy Fallon bump during last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. During an interview with our pals The Mighty Boosh, Fallon busted out his iPad and played a few of the… Read More