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  • The SquirrelWarz soundtrack is here!

    The SquirrelWarz soundtrack is here!

    I’ve just released a new album on Bandcamp, just in time for #BandcampFriday. It’s the soundtrack to SquirrelWarz and you should give it a listen while reading this post: SquirrelWarz (original soundtrack) by Doctor Popular SquirrelWarz is an iOS game I worked on for Tribal Games and was released in 2017. I was the lead…

  • How I celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

    Around 5pm on January 21st, I had a little meet-up in my studio to chat with some strangers about my tips and tricks for crowdfunding campaigns. Folks started arriving 1 at a time and it wasn’t until the 5th (and final person) arrived that anyone mentioned the fact that I was dressed head to toe…

  • SquirrelWarz is out now for iPads

    Our new game, SquirrelWarz, is out now for the iPad! Go buy it RIGHT NOW so we can make more games! It’s only $.99… Go ahead, I’ll wait. SquirrelWarz is a game we started working on 4 years ago when I was still at Tribal Games. We had just finished The Mighty Decider app (with…

  • “Please Proceed With Awesomeness”

    Speaking of awesome yo-yo interviews, hop on over to for a totally tubular interview with yours truly. Topics include; yo-yoing, game design, The Mighty Boosh, and that fantastic iPhone app called Nanoloophole… er, Nanoloop. The interview has been up for a week, but there aren’t any comments yet. Help fix that!