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  • Cracked-iPhone XR Screen Wallpaper

    Cracked-iPhone XR Screen Wallpaper

    My iPhone XR has had a long crack along the screen for the past year. It still worked fine until I accidentally dropped it again, and the screen went all black and glitchy. As usual, I captured some photos of the cracked screen and turned them into a new wallpaper, which you can download below…

  • Cracked-Kindle Screen Wallpaper

    Cracked-Kindle Screen Wallpaper

    The newest addition to my collection of cracked-screen wallpapers is a cracked Kindle screen that Mark Diehr (from MK1 Yo-Yos) shared on Mastodon this morning. With Mark’s permission, I’ve created a few mobile wallpapers that you can download and use for your phone or tablet. See the rest of my cracked-screen wallpapers here. @mcc I…

  • Using Custom Emoji As An iPhone Wallpaper

    Using Custom Emoji As An iPhone Wallpaper

    One of the new features in iOS16 is the ability to create your a custom wallpaper/lockscreen using your favorite emoji. Here’s mine: To set up your own custom emoji wallpaper in iOS16 go to Settings > Wallpaper>Add New Wallpaper>Emoji.

  • “took her frustration out on my TV” wallpaper

    “took her frustration out on my TV” wallpaper

    I saw this post on Reddit and decided to convert the cracked LCD screen image into a mobile wallpaper. As I am oft to do. And here is how it looks after it’s on your phone