Cracked Screen Wallpaper for iPhone X

I dropped my iPhone one too many times, so it was time to finally upgrade. Before I ditched my iPhone 6, I captured one last photo of the screen and converted it into this wallpaper you can download… Read More

Gif art IRL and emergent behaviour

I was asked to create some GIFs for a new gorilla art project called The Hard G Project. The organizers gave me a couple of tablets to display the gifs on and I got to decide when, where,… Read More

Platograph App for iOS

Platographs are a style of photo that appear to have constantly moving parts. Inspired by cinemagraphs, which are created by taking a video and masking certain parts to remain static, Platagraphs use software to create the illusion of… Read More

An impromptu interview with John Law high atop the Oakland Tribune Tower

John Law is an interesting dude with one of the most interesting office spaces in the Bay Area. Though known mainly for his work with The Cacophony Society, Burning Man, and SantaCon, John has had a long career… Read More