Apple’s Color Palette (from Disk Utility to billboards)

A few days ago I was looking through my computer’s Disk Utilities when I noticed an interesting set of colors that seemed much brighter and vibrant than what Apple typically uses. I really dug them, so I quickly… Read More

Live blogging from the first ever WordCamp US

I just got back from Philly where I spent the past few days at WordCamp US, the biggest WordPress conference of it’s kind. I was in attendance with Torque Magazine and WP Engine, who I’ve been working with… Read More

beme? BeMe? Beme? A lesson on why to avoid lowercasing your app name.

A few months back, Casey Neistat launched a new video app called Beme. I love Casey’s work and headed right over to the app store to download. When I got there I noticed a haphazard usage of capitalization… Read More

Lifeline: Rescue an astronaut with your smartphone

“Has Taylor texted yet? Is he ok?” The premise of 3 Minute Games‘s “Lifeline” is that an astronaut has crash-landed on some unknown planet and needs your help. Most of his gear has been totaled, but he’s managed… Read More