Gif art IRL and emergent behaviour

I was asked to create some GIFs for a new gorilla art project called The Hard G Project. The organizers gave me a couple of tablets to display the gifs on and I got to decide when, where, and how the art was hung. The idea was that we’d leave the tablets up, with my art animating, and they stay up until they are stolen or the batteries die.

I hung one of my pieces on Clarion Alley and stuck around to watch a few people interact with it. When I came back 4 or 5 hours later, I was surprised at what I found… the iPad had been switched to camera mode and a bunch of people took selfies from this odd little iPad hanging in an Alley.

That feeling when people like taking selfies more than they like your art. Sigh…

Hard G Project

Hard G Project


Saddened by the loss of Stephen Parr from Oddball Films

We’ve spent many nights watching strange film collections at Oddball Films, the massive film warehouse located on the  3rd floor of an old building in the Mission.  Stephen Parr, the founder and archivist at Oddball, would curate specially themed nights of obscure 16mm films and play them for 30-40 lucky attendees. The space was hot, the seats were uncomfortable, and the films often felt like they were falling apart in front of you. It was magical.

You’d spend the night watching retro-futuristic films about robots, or experimental animation, or 1960s films about the future of music. The shows were well curated and you’d rarely see the same film twice.

We always knew it was a special place, so we cherished each visit as if it were our last. We figured the rents would go up, or the film might catch fire, but we were saddened to hear that it was Stephen himself that would no longer be with us. He passed away on October 24th. We hope the space can continue to run without him. If it does, promise me you’ll try to attend one of their Oddball Film nights. It was truly the home of some of my favorite Mission memories.

ODDBALL from Joshua Moore on Vimeo.


Another packed weekend in San Francisco

I haven’t gotten much work done on personal projects lately, but Christine and I had another packed weekend in San Francisco that I thought was worth sharing. (for anyone reading this via RSS, you might be missing the embedded videos)

Church of 8 Wheels:

We rolled into the weekend with a night of skating at the Church Of 8 Wheels on Fillmore St. We’ve been to several of their other skate nights at CellSpace and the Women’s Building, but this was our first time at this newer location. It’s the perfect place to skate. Great floors, surprisingly big, and deliciously sacrilegious. Sacrilicious?