2022 Hunky Jesus

We had a great time at Hunky Jesus today in Dolores Park. Steen wore her Romulan outfit and I just wore a green sweater. We saw tons of old friends in the park and had about 8 folks… Read More

The Transforming Tall Bike

A few weeks back I was hanging outside of Bender’s with some friends when I saw a rad low-rider bicycle heading down 20th St. As the bike began to cross South Van Ness the rider began to slowly… Read More

My Orville Peck Costume for Halloween

Happy Halloween y’all. I had been thinking about sewing some fringe onto a mask lately just for shiggles, but I finally took the time to do it tonight so I could also wear it as an Orville Peck… Read More

SF Destroys A Popular Skate Spot on Duncan Street

The intersection at Duncan and Valencia St was a popular spot for kids and young skaters in our neighborhood until the city added little cuts on the curbs to deter skateboarding there. I guess too many folks were… Read More