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Category: music

  • Weird Jazz

    Weird Jazz

    I don’t listen much jazz, but I love odd musical pairings, like heavy metal played on bluegrass instruments or acoustic punk rock. After coming across an old jazz record that featured a harpist, I started wondering, “What other jazz records feature unusual instruments?”. So I did some research, and here’s what I found. (I also […]

  • #Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

    #Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

    I’m not a fan of Spotify, but I do get jealous of those cool little Spotify Wrapped videos people post each year. I prefer buying my music from Bandcamp, where artists can actually get paid for their work. Bandcamp doesn’t track how often I listen to albums, but I was able to dive into my […]

  • The SquirrelWarz soundtrack is here!

    The SquirrelWarz soundtrack is here!

    I’ve just released a new album on Bandcamp, just in time for #BandcampFriday. It’s the soundtrack to SquirrelWarz and you should give it a listen while reading this post: SquirrelWarz (original soundtrack) by Doctor Popular SquirrelWarz is an iOS game I worked on for Tribal Games and was released in 2017. I was the lead […]

  • “Andorsand Interrobang”

    It’s been a year or two since I thought about the Andorsand, a silly glyph I concocted for “and/or”, but today I found a song called “Andorsand Interrobang” by Bob Bralove, Henry Kaiser and Chris Muir. It’s a spacey synthy driven instrumental that really slaps: The andorsand has also made appearances in this 99% Invisible […]