Upcoming events: SF Zine Fest, EMM talk on Nanoloop, BPOW!, Instawalks and more

I’m heading up to Portland this very weekend for the Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop. I’ve actually wanted to do a laptop-less electronic music festival in SF for some time now, so I’m really excited to check out something similar. If anyone reading this happens to be there, please say “hi”. Despite being an introvert, I really would like to meet and chat with many strangers this weekend:)


Some Digital Harinezumi shots from 8bitSF

Crashy Faster

Last week was the big 8bitSF show in at the DNA Lounge in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference. Lots of talented bands (Bright Primate, Disasterpeace, Crashfaster, etc) on stage and chip music fans in attendance. As a personal challenge, I thought it’d be cool to capture some shots on my Harinezumi, which certainly isn’t my first choice for low light shots. Here are the results.


Doctor Popular and Crashfaster in Oakland this Friday

Bay Area friends, I’m playing a show in Oakland this Friday night with Crashfaster and Violence Mars! I’m super excited about it because of how well December’s show with MC Lar’s went. I’ll be performing my pop music with a couple of gameboys and an iphone, and I’m looking for requests for my next cover song:

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Show starts at 8pm at Art Beat in Oakland. Here’s the Facebook event.
1. Bring $8-12 or sell your shoes and everything else you got at the door.
2. Remember the address is 477 25th st.
3. Visit the Cutaway table for some additional seasoning.