Guitar Riffs On Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices)

Still digging how well my newest album turned out. Though most of the songs are all electronic, I was surprised to find myself coming back to the guitar. Here are some of my favorite guitar tracks from Quarantined… Read More

My New Guitar: J Mascis Jazzmaster

I’m so excited about my new electric guitar. I’ve been writing a ton of guitar riffs lately, like these few I did on my most recent album:

The Legion of Zoom

I’m not sure of the exact date yet, but sometime this week I’ll be releasing a new album. It’s kind of a big deal. The album, Quarantined Beats and Inside Voices, was written and recorded in one month…. Read More

A Dubstep Remix of a Broken Printer

I just kicked off my 3rd week of my Quarantine Jams, a daily beat making project. To break things up a little beat, I’ve been hunting for more unusual sounds to chop up and build around. A friend… Read More