Bon Iver live and unplugged for La Blogotheque

Take Away Show #93 _ Bon Iver (full version) from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo. I’m up late working on some new Nanoloop tracks while watching 2012, which is actually not a terrible terrible movie. While… Read More

Get Me Geek Pretty One Day for just $3

A Brave New Essay by Doctor Popular I released my first full length album in 2008, under the band name Drown Radio. The album, titled Me Geek Pretty One Day, is heavily hip-hop influenced with lots of nerdy… Read More

5 Television Commercials (that feature Radiohead)

Radiohead may have been the reason I learned to play guitar, but some of their early videos also made big impressions on me. Although I the band released several videos from their first album, including this humdrum video… Read More

Busking With An iPad, part 1.5

Since the first post about my sidewalk performances with Unwoman on Sunday morning, many more videos have popped up. I’m actually really happy with our “Moebius Strip Tease” and Unwoman’s “Cruelty”. I’m using Nanoloop for iPhone for most… Read More