KnifeTank has a theme song

crimson dreams (Doctor Popular vs crashfaster) by Knifetank It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new rap song, but I think this song was worth the wait. “Crimson Dreams” started off as a cover of one of… Read More

Fan video for Tobacco’s “Fresh Hex”

TOBACCO & Beck – Fresh Hex (fan video contest winner) from TOBACCO on Vimeo. Gregg Golding recently created this fan video for Tabacco‘s “Fresh Hex”, which features Beck on vocals. I don’t know much about Gregg or his… Read More

KnifeTank (the Albumhole)

insert coin by Knifetank As you play through each level in KnifeTank, the stunningly popular HTML5 game we created a few weeks ago, the music changes from all chiptune to all organic sounds. Crashfaster wrote and recorded most… Read More

Internet Killed The Video Star

The San Francisco duo known as The Limousines have released their first official music video. Full of zombies, car chases, and adventure, it’s a great watch. Internet Killed The Radio Star is the first single off of their… Read More