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Category: analog

  • Adding color to old photos with @Colorize_Bot

    Adding color to old photos with @Colorize_Bot

    I recently heard of a twitterbot called @colorbot which will use AI to automatically colorize black and white photos. It sounded rad, so I decided to give it a try: Both of these photos were shot by me on black and white film over ten years ago, so it’s crazy to see them in color […]

  • Icelandic Analog: Shark Museum

    Icelandic Analog: Shark Museum

    During our road trip through the West Fjords of Iceland, we stopped by the Shark Museum in Bjarnarhofn. The museum itself is really just one big room with lots of stuffed animals and an area where the guides give frequent talks about the history of fishing in Iceland and how they take poisonous meat from […]

  • Icelandic Analog: Abandoned mini-golf course

    Icelandic Analog: Abandoned mini-golf course

    Following up on my previous two collections (Hornbjarg and Lomochrome Purple), here’s another batch of film photos from our recent trip to Iceland. During our roadtrip through the westfjords, we stopped at a lovely hotel in Heydalur that had great food, tons of boardgames, and some hotsprings. As we walked around, we found a mini-golf […]

  • Icelandic Analog: Hornbjarg

    Icelandic Analog: Hornbjarg

    Christine and I spent a couple weeks in Iceland. We started with the World Yo-Yo Contest in Reykjavik and wrapped it up with 5 days of camping in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Here are a few shots from Hornvik, where we camped, and some other parts of Hornstrandir.