Pics from Climber’s Prom

Last week, some friends and I got all dressed up and climbed at Mission Cliff’s and called it our “Climber’s Prom“. Bouldering in a tux was a fun challenge and my date’s modified harness/dress was pretty awesome too… Read More

Journey Into Analog 7: Golden Gate

Some friends of mine asked me to come out and take some pics of them by the Golden Gate Bridge to send as a print to their family. I spent most the day shooting with my iPhone, but… Read More

Journey Into Analog 06

More film goodness. These shots all came from my Adox camera, and I believe they are all shot with Lomo’s Redscale XR film. The pink/light blue ones def are. See more film pics here.

Journey Into Anolog 05

Back with another fresh batch of Lomo’s Color Negative film, shot on my Diana F+. The scooter pic at top of this post is a new favorite, and in a way reminds me of one of my favorite… Read More