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  • Cracked-iPhone XR Screen Wallpaper

    Cracked-iPhone XR Screen Wallpaper

    My iPhone XR has had a long crack along the screen for the past year. It still worked fine until I accidentally dropped it again, and the screen went all black and glitchy. As usual, I captured some photos of the cracked screen and turned them into a new wallpaper, which you can download below…

  • Glitch Houndstoof in the wild

    Glitch Houndstoof in the wild

    I went to a baby shower in Dolores Park and bumped into a friend who was wearing one of my old Glitch Houndstoof shirts. I designed these shirts for Betabrand back in 2016, 4 years before my friend and I met, so they didn’t realize that the shirt they were wearing was one of my…

  • More spooky glitch photos

    More spooky glitch photos

    I’ve been seeing lots of great Halloween decorations in our neighborhood lately, so I decided to take my circuit bent digital camera on a walk and see what I could capture.

  • Spooky pics from Mission to Bernal Heights

    Spooky pics from Mission to Bernal Heights

    Went for a stroll this morning and captured a few more photos on my glitched out digital camera.