Online now: Doc’s Guides to Mobile Photography

A few years back I was lucky enough to make a series of mobile photography tips and tricks videos for Postagram. I was working as Postagram’s community manager at the time and these weekly videos were often the highlight of each week for me. I love exploring new apps and techniques and sharing what I learn with others. Our guides included Hipstamatic, Instagram, interviews with other “iPhoneogrpahyers” and many other cool non-app techniques.

Somewhere along the line those original youtube videos have disappeared so I reached out to my friends and Postagram and got permission to host them myself. Thanks guys!

There are still a few missing episodes I need to find, but I’m really happy to get most of these back online. If you’d like to follow my adventures in mobile photography (as well as my glitch art, illustrations, and film photography) you can follow me on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, and EyeEm.




It’s time for #LightPaintingSF!

Tuesday April 22nd @DocPop & @Shalaco are teaming up with @LightBomber to host a fun bi-coastal light painting meet-up in SF & NY.
We’ll be hosting the West Coast edition of a night of light painting and long exposures you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a light painting expert or have been dying to learn, this is your chance to come jam with some friends and fellow Instagrammers.

Mobile photographers, film fanatics, and DSLRs are all welcome.

We’ll be meeting up at the Cupid’s Span in Rincon Park Tuesday the 22nd at 7:30PM and doing a basic light painting demonstration with LightBomber an iPhone lightpainting app. Then we’ll break into small groups and create our own experimental masterpieces.

If we’re lucky, there may be an extra special surprise guest demonstrating some advanced tools and painting techniques.

It’s free, just bring your camera, tripod(if you have one) and whatever extra gear you may have. We’ll be sharing some light pens, tripods, and other toys for you to use. We’ll see you there!

San Francisco: April 22nd, 7:30PM. Cupid’s Span in Rincon Park. Brought to you by Doc Pop and Shalaco. Official hashtag: #lightpaintingSF (Facebook event)

Brooklyn: April 22nd, 7:30PM. North Side of McCarren Park across from the pool. Behind the bathrooms. Sponsored by our friends at Spotlight Gear. Official hashtag: #SpotlightBomber



Databender app, video glitching for iOS and iPhone.

I’ve long been a collector of glitch apps for ios and have had my fingers crossed for a good video glitch (or datamoshing) app. I’ve toyed around with animating Decim8 images, but last week a new app called Databender finally made it’s way to the app store.

Databender appears to have two distinct modes: image & video. The video mode is what I spent most of my time messing with. This provides some pretty straightforward compression errors that look pretty swell. Sort of like this video. The only two modes of adjustment for the video effect are Intesity and Target (which I believe selects how wide the glitchable area is). For the video above, I took several videos I shot and edited in Lightt and ran them through several different settings in Databender. I then took these glitched clips and arranged them in iMovie and added a song from my Beeps and Smudges album as a background track. These files are actually fun to work with and I was surprised that while working in iMovie, I’d get different compression effects depending on what clips were side by side with another.. sort of turning iMovie itself into a glitch editor. I especially dug this effect of Christine skating over me!

It’s worth mentioning that this whole video (music, editing, glitching, etc) was created using iPhone apps.