A Portrait Through a 100 Year Old Camera At ORDcamp in Chicago

Last month I flew up to Chicago for a 3 day un-conference called ORDcamp. I had a fantastic time and really appreciated all the extra touches they put into it. For instance, each attendee had their portrait taken by Pete Tsai, a Chicago based photographer. Pete had a 95yo Deardorff 8×10 camera set up, with a DSLR behind it. He’d have us pose in front of the Deardorff camera (with the shutter wide open, so you could see right through it), then he’d use the DSLR to take a photo of the camera with you behind it. Here’s the result:

OrdCamp Portrait

Despite being invited in 2008 and 2009, this was the first year I was ever actually able to afford the airfare and lodging for ORDcamp. Disposable income FTW! I’m so glad they invited me again, because it was an amazing experience. You know those people who go to Burning Man for the first time, then spend the next few months talking about it? That’s how my friends must have felt when I came back from ORDcamp this year.

Here are a few more of Pete’s portraits:

Taken with a 95 year old camera! #ordcamp

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Icelandic Analog: Shark Museum

During our road trip through the West Fjords of Iceland, we stopped by the Shark Museum in Bjarnarhofn. The museum itself is really just one big room with lots of stuffed animals and an area where the guides give frequent talks about the history of fishing in Iceland and how they take poisonous meat from Greenland Sharks (also known as Sleeper Sharks) and ferment them until they become edible. Weird tasting, but edible.

Behind the museum is a large shack, where they age shark meat until it becomes hakarl. It’s a shark shack, if you will. These photos were all shot on my Lomo LC-A+ camera, using Lomo’s 400 ISO color negative film.

Shark Museum

Shark Museum

Shark Museum

Shark Museum

Shark Museum


Icelandic Analog: Abandoned mini-golf course

Following up on my previous two collections (Hornbjarg and Lomochrome Purple), here’s another batch of film photos from our recent trip to Iceland.

During our roadtrip through the westfjords, we stopped at a lovely hotel in Heydalur that had great food, tons of boardgames, and some hotsprings. As we walked around, we found a mini-golf course that had become overgrown and forgotten. We begged the staff to allow us to play on it, and eventually they lent us some balls and putters. We had a blast playing through the weeds and mud and enjoyed the company of a beautiful and fluffy cat along the way.