This morning I was surfing some international yo-yo blogs when I stumbled upon this video I made with Alexander Maness from Current TV. Alex came to Chico last year and followed me around as I told him about… Read More

Valentine’s Cereal Card

This year for Valentine’s Day, I bought a card that is in the shape of a cereal box. Considering the high price of cards, I was surprised that this giant card was only $3. I decided to use… Read More

Managing expectations

At most sales jobs, you learn to manage a clients expectations as to when they are making a purchase. This is a delicate balance of hyping up a product as a fantastic deal, without creating hopes that could… Read More

Some recent promo pics

My friend (& Self Edge co-affiliate) Clay Gardner, took some awesome shots for my new yo-yo site. The photos turned out well, but needed some minor touch ups, so my friend Krisgoat punched them up with her amazing… Read More