Surveying the damage

The recent storms in the Bay Area may not the storm of the century, but it certainly has caused plenty of damage to our neighborhood and many others. The news here isn’t really that we have some huge… Read More

EEB photo set, with words.

What a long week this has been. Having just arrived from an awesome trip to Portland, I immediately had to follow it up with a few 12 hour days at the Exotic Erotic Ball here in the Bay… Read More

PDX 2007 photo set

I’m in Portland now and loving it. Since I can’t do anything these days without feeling the need to share it with anyone who can read, I’m microblogging the trip via Flickr. Check out my PDX 2007 photo… Read More

Updating the nets

Last night someone on Twitter mentioned a guy on Castro St. with a pink wig. I immediately knew who she was talking about and wanted to send her a picture of him I drew a few years ago… Read More