I love Sonny’s Diptych Project!

Check out Sonny’s awesome Diptych Project. It’s a series of portraits taken at this weekend’s National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico, CA. Above is a picture of me with my TFL by Werrd.

Back from the 2007 National Yo-Yo Contest

I’m back in SF from the 2007 National Yo-Yo Contest in Chico CA. I didn’t compete this year, which could explain why it was one of my favorite NYYCs in years. The freehand routines were great, as were… Read More

Photo Dump

This is me, age 18. With my first Fender Jaguar. I bought it in Memphis while my band was doing a small tour. The other guys in the band hated the guitar and blame it for our eventual… Read More

Have you seen my invisible jet?

Last week I was playing a role in The Go Game at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Of course I was doing some yo-yo character, but there was also a girl in the game playing Wonder Woman. The… Read More