Houndstoof glitch fabric! Now available as one of a kind shirts and dresses.

Glitch Fabric Shirt

I’ve just launched a new collaboration with the awesome folks over at Betabrand. It’s a houndstooth pattern that I glitched out using various databending techniques (JPG, PNG, and other sneaky tricks). The end result is large swatches of what I call Houndstoof Glitch fabric.

Thanks to Betabrand, these are now available as one of a kind shirts and dresses. Due to the glitch nature of the pattern, each item should a one of a kind piece. I highly recommend picking up one at the early bird pricing while it lasts. You can find them here.

And of course it’s also a great time to also pick up a set of my Betabrand Glitch Socks!





Toy Electro: A collection of lo-fi photography by Doctor Popular


Toy Electro” is a new zine collecting some of my black and white lo-fi photography. All of the shots in this zine were taken on my Digital Harinezumi, an extremely low tech camera that has surprisingly charming results. You can see my Harinezumi review here:

This Sunday I’ll be tabling at the SF Zine Fest, where I’ll be publically selling Toy Electro for the first time (along with my other photo zines, comics, wallets, and art). For those of you who can’t make it to Zine Fest, I’m selling the print version of this zine on Etsy for just $6. Or you can download the digital version from Gumroad for just $2. Here are some of the Harinezumi shots from the book:


Gocco karma

Thanks to some Craigslist luck, I scored a few extra bulbs and screens for my Gocco printer. Already sitting a box of unused supplies, I promised myself I’d use these pieces to help make some art for friends and local businesses… to help spread the Gocco love. I used the first of my Craigslist score to make some prints with Leef from Mission Comics, as a special gift to his Kickstarter backers. We had a blast making these and couldn’t be any happier with the result.