New items (finally) added to the store

I’ve finally added some new items to my webstore and I think you are gonna like them. Click the “shop” button at the top of this page to check out them out.

First up are the new DocPop journals. These books feature my watercolor painting of my Handtler Moose in his natural habitat. The quality of these things are great and it’s just the beginning of many future collabos with the folks at Vulto (and their paper crafts company Smuzi).

Then to go along with your Handtler journalhole, you can pick up a laser etched wooden yo-yo. Each yo-yo has my selfportrait on one side and the Handtler Moose on the other. Ever since I’ve gotten these yo-yos, I’ve been non-stop looping with them. These are great wooden yo-yos.

Finally, I’ve restocked my infamous Bolt yo-yos. These are the very last Bolt yo-yos I have in stock… I’ve been hoarding them for years and felt it was finally okay to put them back in the store. I have some blue, some orange (unmodded) and some orange (modified).


Catch me at the SF Zine Fest

Doc Pop

This weekend is the annual San Francisco Zine Fest at the County Fair Building in San Francisco. People always ask me why I prefer the SFZF to the Alternative Press Expo. First off, SFZF is free for the public. Anytime an event asks people to pay to get in… which instantly turns those possible consumers into spectators. I NEVER make as much money or have as much fun at events that charge at the door. Secondly, the SFZF has a far more infinite vibe. Even though APE is absolutely packed with attendees, they don’t actually like to stop and talk. They just wanna get through the crowd and find Dan Clowes’s table, but SFZF attendees are there to check out what people have made and how they made it. I always have a bunch of nice conversations there.

This year I’ll be be selling my denim pen wraps for artists, 1″ button sets made from dollar bills, some 24 hour comics, wallets, and my awesome new laser etched wooden yo-yos!

Laser Etched Wooden Yo-Yos by Doc Pop

Each yo-yo is laser etched with a drawing of me on one side and my Handtler Moose on the other side. Also: argyle.

Laser Etched Wooden Yo-Yos by Doc Pop

I’ll be selling these for $15 each during Zine Fest, then I’ll be putting them on my shop (along with some other goodies) next week.

[top photo of Doc Pop at APE by Laughing Squid]


Get a pair of Colchester Rubber Co.

photo by leef smith

update: this sale ended April 1st, 2010

I posted yesterday about my new shoe sponsorship with Colchester Rubber Co. and have had a lot of positive response from friends and readers. In case you missed it, I wanted to re-post about the awesome “Doc Pop Discount” that’s only running for a few more days.

For the next two days today only, you can buy a pair of Colchester Rubber’s “Alpha” shoe for just $18.92. These are the same shoes I bought for $45, and I love ’em. They are reproductions of a classic basketball shoe from 1892 and look great with denim.

To take advantage of this deal, send an email to and you’ll be sent the discount code and instructions. Remember, this deal is only good until April 1st, 2010.

update: Due to some difficulty with the promo codes, the sale has been extended one more day, you no longer have to enter any codes or anything. To get the “Doc Pop discount”, just go to the shop on and the price should automagically be listed as $18.92. Remember this is only good until 11:59pm April 1st, 2010. Thanks for your support.


Doc Pop’s got sole!

A few weeks ago I placed an order for a size 12 pair of Colchester Rubber Co. shoes. After exchanging a few emails with lines like “Your shoes have shipped.” and “Your not really a professional yo-yoer… are you?” I was offered my first highly lucrative shoe sponsorship.

I’m being totally for serious… I’m now sponsored by the Colchester Rubber Co., the makers of the original basketball sneaker! (Skip to the bottom of this post to learn how to get a pair of Alphas for $18.92)

What does being sponsored mean? First off, Colchester Rubber will be sending me out to more yo-yo contests. Having been a sponsored yo-yo pro for many years, I’m used to traveling around doing yo-yo contests… but this time I get to use any yo-yo I want! It’s going to feel so good throwing my gold plated H-Spin yo-yo or my titanium Sovereign yo-yo at the Missouri State yo-yo contest without worrying about my sponsor finding out! BTW, Missouri States (or MoYo) will be the first contest I attend as a Colchester pro.

So, you got sponsored for yo-yoing? Not exactly. Yo-yoing will probably be the biggest part of my sponsorship, but I’ll also get to do so much more things too. For those of you who know me, you know I have a lot of weird skills and hobbies. Cartooning, sewing, and maybe even some music will all get tied in with my sponsorship too, but I’ll talk about that later.

Does that mean we’ll finally see a Doc Pop shoe? That’d be awesome, right? Nothing’s certain yet, but a shoe wouldn’t be totally out of the question. At the very least we’ll probably see some clothes featuring my art. Possibly even a re-release of this classic design. Yes, I just referred to my own shirt design as a “classic” and yes I did assume that everybody has been waiting all their life for a pair of Doc Pop shoes.

As part of this big announcement, Colchester Rubber are extending a special “Doc Pop discount” to my Twitter friends and readers of this blog. For the next few days only, you can buy a pair of the Alpha shoe, which are reproductions of the original Colchester Rubber shoes made in 1892, for only $18.92! The normal price of these shoes is $45!!! To get the special discount, send an email to and you’ll receive a response with your discount code and instructions. This discount is only good until April 1st, or the first 200 pairs are sold, so if you like these sexy shoes you’ll have to be quick.

The better buzz we generate about this special offer, the sooner I may get to release my pair of Doc Pop designed kicks, so please help spread the wordhole! Besides, if you order a pair you may get your own shoe deal too:)