Reddit’s dumb new blockchain project: NFTs you don’t actually own and can’t sell for profit

Despite the low interest in NFTs and the massive crash in the cryptocurrency market, Reddit decided to launch a line of NFTs and an NFT marketplace. The fact that the term “NFT” didn’t appear anywhere on their announcement… Read More

Why I cancelled my NFT project

It was about this time last year that I was planning on releasing my first NFT. I had several friends who were in the space and had some interesting conversations about what it would be like to “mint”… Read More

a screenshot from google dated October 2021 that is the headline from a British Journal Of Photography post. The title says "Introducing ART3: A brand new platform bringing the best lens-based art to the metaverse"

How NFTs gobbled up 1854 and the world’s longest running photography publication

The British Journal of Photography is “The world’s longest running and most influential photography magazine“. They joined twitter in 2008 with the user name @1854 and accrued over 256k followers. Now that account looks like this: So, how… Read More

More videos about the problems with NFTs

Last week I shared Dan Olson’s “Line Goes Up”, a great video about the problems with NFTs. Since then, a ton of press has come out about the fact that OpenSea’s problem with plagiarism and its effects on… Read More