Pritikin's mansion

The abandoned mansion in San Francisco

A few years back, Steen and I were looking at an apartment for rent in Glen Park (just south of SF’s Mission District). The Craigslist post it was 1,000 sqft, but it appeared to only be 400. It… Read More

Progress on various projects

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m feeling really productive. I’ve started recording a new album, finishing up my KnifeTank card game, and I’ve been developing a 2 minute long yo-yo freestyle for some possible contest… Read More

A new yo-yo project on Kickstarter!

After months of hype, The Weekender is finally available on Kickstarter… but only for 4 more days! If you follow this blog, you may recognize this yo-yo from my 48 Hour Yo-Yo project last year. If not, be… Read More

Neu videyo online

This episode of PopCast features a simple transition from a one and half mount to just about anything you can think of. I also talk about the Sharper Image yo-yo and share some of my thoughts and regrets… Read More