Why does AI think that the yo-yo emoji looks so beautiful?

Emoji are not displaying correctly in this post. For a better experience, read this article on https://doctorpopular.com/why-does-midjourney-create-beautiful-art-when-i-use-the-yo-yo-emoji/ Y’all know me, right? So you know, when I got access to generative art tools like Dalle 2 and Midjourney, the… Read More

Using AI to re-imagine classic yo-yo tricks

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Midjourney, a web-based tool that uses AI to generate art based on text prompts. I’ve been using it for silly things, like creating Lego Movie art in the style of… Read More

Hand-painted wooden yo-yos that look like donuts

Happy #NationalDonutDay! These donut shaped yo-yos were given away at a Dunkin’ Donuts grand opening back in 1948. They are fixed axle with large holes that run through the middle. I asked my friend John Higby to paint… Read More

A fun responsive counterweight combo

I went on a long hike with some friends recently and found this trick as I was walking around. I was carrying something in my left hand, so I kept trying to find one-handed yo-yo tricks I could… Read More