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  • Another Yo-Yo Video from San Francisco

    Another Yo-Yo Video from San Francisco

    I’ve recently released a new yo-yo called the Populist, which meant it was time to make another yo-yo video. This one was shot around the Mission District in San Francisco. It’s been really windy here lately, so I shot most of these clips in the early morning, which gives the video a really moody/foggy feel.…

  • Slow Streets, Responsive Yo-Yos

    Slow Streets, Responsive Yo-Yos

    I’m proud to say my newest yo-yo video is out now. You can watch it here: The video features an original soundtrack and tricks performed on a modern responsive yo-yo with a counterweight. I’m using a Doc Pop edition The Thing yo-yo for the entire video. This video was shot entirely on Sanchez Street, one…

  • Don Watson’s “Yo-Yo Physics” Zines

    Don Watson’s “Yo-Yo Physics” Zines

    The Yo-Yo Physics books are a great collection of zines by Don Watson. They explain topics like string tension, gyroscopic, and yo-yo RPM in complex mathematical equations.

  • The Mini-Panzer: The World’s Smallest Yo-Yo

    The Mini-Panzer: The World’s Smallest Yo-Yo

    The Mini-Panzer is the smallest unresponsive yo-yo in history. It’s machined in brass, but available with gold or silver plating. It is .7″ tall, weighs 21.5 grams, and has the smallest bearing you’ve ever seen. This video isn’t sponsored content, I just thought it was a cool yo-yo. I bought mine from YoYoExpert, but I…

  • Yo-Yo Magic Tricks

    Yo-Yo Magic Tricks

    When I used to work at a yo-yo kiosk, I used to prank my co-workers with these yo-yo magic tricks. I had been meaning to film them for years, but it wasn’t until I heard this funny episode of the 2.0 podcast that I finally got around to filming it. I used a short audio…

  • Why does AI think that the yo-yo emoji looks so beautiful?

    Why does AI think that the yo-yo emoji looks so beautiful?

    Emoji are not displaying correctly in this post. For a better experience, read this article on Y’all know me, right? So you know, when I got access to generative art tools like Dalle 2 and Midjourney, the first thing I tried using as a prompt was the word “yo-yo”. That’s a no-brainer, and you…