Rock The Baby is tearing the yo-yo community apart

r/Throwers, the yo-yoing community on Reddit, was torn apart this weekend by a huge controversy. Is Rock the Baby performed with the palm up, or palm down?

The debate started shortly after yotricks posted this tutorial. A flame war quickly broke out on Reddit, with many people chiming in on the “correct” way to do this classic picture trick. All of which is ridiculous… it’s palm down obviously.



Yo-Yo Gifs from the good old days of GeoCities sites

Remember GeoCities? I don’t.

I mean, I’ve heard of GeoCities, but I didn’t really get online until 2000, and even then I was primarily just visiting the same 3 yo-yo bulletin boards. The only thing I knew about GeoCities was that it was that place with all the terrible gifs.

The Internet Archive recently launched GifCities, an online search engine to find archived gifs from old GeoCities sites. Feeling nostalgic, I thought it’d be interesting browse those yo-yo gifs and share some favorites here.