Yo-Yo Gifs from the good old days of GeoCities sites

Remember GeoCities? I don’t.

I mean, I’ve heard of GeoCities, but I didn’t really get online until 2000, and even then I was primarily just visiting the same 3 yo-yo bulletin boards. The only thing I knew about GeoCities was that it was that place with all the terrible gifs.

The Internet Archive recently launched GifCities, an online search engine to find archived gifs from old GeoCities sites. Feeling nostalgic, I thought it’d be interesting browse those yo-yo gifs and share some favorites here.



“Throw” a great documentary about a yo-yoer named Coffin.

Throw is a short documentary that follows my friend Coffin Nachtmahr, a bad ass yo-yoer from East Baltimore that happens to have a speech impediment. Coffin never really felt like he fit in anywhere until he found a yo-yo.

I think many of us have had issues fitting in, so this touching story is probably something many of us can relate too. I bought my first yo-yo on my 21st birthday while I was visiting the Space Needle in Seattle… I can’t imagine how different my life would be now if I had bought a snowglobe instead.

I’m so energized by this film and I’m so glad it’s finally online. Please watch it and share it around.

THROW from Early Light Media on Vimeo.