Quick Tip: Yo-Yo Heart Trick

Forgot to buy chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, here’s a quick tutorial on how to do the yo-yo heart trick. If you like this, follow me on TikTok for more silly yo-yo tricks and short tutorial videos.

Pre-order a Day Tripper

I’ve been working on a new collaboration with Jeremy from Zip Line String called The Day Tripper. The Day Tripper is a modern responsive yo-yo based on the Weekender, but in a slimmer form. We wanted to create… Read More

Ehrich’s Tower and other recent yo-yo videos

I’ve been cranking out a bunch of yo-yo videos lately. Like this short tutorial for Ehrich’s Tower. It’s been fun seeing strangers on Instagram doing Ehrich’s Tower after the tutorial went live. I also shared a new episode… Read More

A Leather Yo-Yo

I lucked out and grabbed one of these weird leather yo-yos from https://leatheryoyoshop-fe.stores.jp/ The whole yo-yo (and the matching counterweight) is made from leather. They currently aren’t shipping to the US, but that will change when this pandemic… Read More