World Yo-Yo Contest favorites 2019

I wasn’t able to attend the World Yo-Yo Contest this year, but luckily all of the freestyle videos are online. Here are a few of my favorites:

Yo-Yo Emoji update

It’s been a while since our yo-yo emoji was approved and I wanted to share a quick update. Unicode version 10 has been released, but we are still waiting for all the big tech companies to release their… Read More

Kyle Nations: Modern Responsive Yo-Yoing

A few months ago I flew out to St. Louis to check out the United Yo-Yo Contest. While I was in town I got to hang out with Kyle Nations, one of my favorite modern responsive yo-yoers, and… Read More

Let’s Talk Yo-Yo’s reviews The Weekender

G2Nate just shared a great review of The Weekender Yo-Yo. Nate was one of the Kickstarter backers and I’m really glad to hear his thoughts on how the yo-yo turned out.