The ASCII Horse In Motion

For practice, I decided to try my hand at creating an animated text-art version of Muybridge’s running horse photos. This is the end result.

The ASCII art was hand placed in Monodraw, a great Mac app for creating text art. The first thing I often do when creating ASCII art is to pick a specific part of the image that is important to me, then use that component to determine the scale of the finished piece. In this case, I wanted the rider’s head to be a “O” shape. Once I had that figured out, I knew how large everything else would be in relation. I eyeballed the first photo for reference to create my initial frame, then just copied that text and made changes to it for each following frame.

Here is the original work:

My review of the new yo-yo emojis

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear this:

A yo-yo story in two parts

True story, my yo-yo came apart and the bearing fell out while I was walking down Congress St in Austin. It was a prototype yo-yo that I really wanted to break in, so I decided it should be the only yo-yo I take on the trip. I searched for the bearing for 15 minutes and gave up.

The next morning I found a yo-yo bearing on the ground at WP Engine’s office. It was a different bearing than the one I lost, but it was the right size, so it fit perfectly. It definitely wasn’t the same bearing, but it is possible I had an extra bearing somewhere in my bag and it fell out. I checked for any extras the day before and couldn’t find any, but what are the odds that there would happen to be a concave size A bearing laying on the ground because someone else dropped it? We’ll never know for sure, but at least I got to keep throwing for the rest of the trip.

In fact, I even shot a clip video to celebrate, but for now it’s only available for my Patreon sponsors to see

This years 24 Hour Comic Book

Each year I try to create a 24 page comic in 24 consecutive hours as part of the 24 Hour Comic Day challenge. This was my 13th or 14th attempt at this challenge and one of the few times I didn’t succeed. I wrote and pencilled 26 pages, but I only inked 7 of them. The comic wasn’t completed in time, but I’m still working on it.

The thing is, I’m still really happy I took the challenge and love how the book is turning out. It’s a “gamebook”, meaning it has choose your own paths and a character sheet that you manage. Decisions have some consequences and there is a mix of skill and luck to complete the story. Here are a few preview pages: