My Orville Peck Costume for Halloween

Happy Halloween y’all. I had been thinking about sewing some fringe onto a mask lately just for shiggles, but I finally took the time to do it tonight so I could also wear it as an Orville Peck costume.

If you haven’t heard of Orville yet, he’s one of my favorite country music songwriters. I highly recommend checking out his album, Pony, or watching the short documentary about him

From Portland to San Francisco, a Road Trip

This week, Christine and I took a short road trip from Portland to San Francisco, and it was fantastic. We took Christine’s electric car on our first trip outside of the state since the pandemic. On the way to SF, we stopped in Eugene so I could see my friends at One Drop for a 48 Hour Yo-Yo Project. The project was a success, but I haven’t yet made the specifics public.

I decided to film some of my favorite yo-yos in One Drop’s playable yo-yo collection while I was there. Shawn Nelson, One Drop’s co-owner and head machinist, also showed me some of his favorite yo-yos in this video:

Then we visited Arcata for a few days before heading back home. It was a great trip.

Teaching An Old Doc New Tricks

For the newest episode of PopCast, I filmed myself learning a new trick called the Ghost Slack. You can watch it here.

Adding Color to Black and White Photos With @colorize_bot on Twitter

I’ve been having a lot of fun sending some of my 35mm film photographs to a twitterbot that utilizes artificial intelligence to add color to black-and-white photos. The bot is called @colorize_bot (not to be confused with a long-dormant bot named @colorizebot). The results are pretty cool: