Some recent yo-yo goodness

Hey y’all, just wanted to share a few recent yo-yo videos with you. The first is a combo of responsive counterweight tricks:

Followed up by a new rejection from trapeze to double or nothing, then to triple or nothing:

This hoodie is my own design and it generated some negative feedback on TikTok. It says “Anti-Vaxxers Make Me Sick” and it’s true, anti-vaxxers do spread preventable diseases, such as measles. We are finally near the end of the COVID pandemic and I would hate to see everyone’s hard work go to waste because people choose not to get vaccinated. When you are eligible to get vaccinated, please do so as soon as possible.

I got my first shot last week!

Savory “Loaded Potato” Waffles

Christine recently bought a waffle maker for our house and we absolutely love it. I found a recipe for Loaded Potato waffles and gave it a try. It’s wonderful!

Skin The Gerbil- The Theme Song!

Skin the Gerbil is one of the first tricks I created that really caught on. I found it in late ’99 (or early 2000) close to the same time I found The Matrix, which has a very similar feel. Within a few years, Skin The Gerbil had become a fairly standard required trick at many contests. Nowadays it’s known as a great trick to learn for players who are just learning horizontal yo-yoing.

At the time I created it, there was an intermediate trick called “Skin The Cat”. I thought that was a really weird name, but nobody else seemed to care, so I called my trick “Skin The Gerbil”. Apparently that was too extreme because yo-yo contests just shortened it to “Gerbil”.

The trick never really needed a theme song, but I made one anyways! You can download the theme song and use it in your yo-yo videos here.

If you are a yo-yoer, check out this month’s Classic Trick Remix challenge on YoYoExpert. It’s Skin The Gerbil.

New thumbnails for old videos

Youtube thumbnails are tricky. You want them to be good, but you spent all that hard work making the video and you forgot to get a nice photo. I recently hired an illustrator to spice up some of my yo-yo videos. These were some great episodes, so I’m stoked to have art that better represents that.

Here are links to the videos:

The illustrator I used is rickevam and can be found on Fiverr. Don’t forget to tip.

There are many other great artists on Fiverr for this type of job too. Here’s another great artist I hired to create a thumbnail for the “Do Something Cool” video: