Doc Pop wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck. He appears to be in a doctors outfit and he looks like a doctor. 

This image is AI generated, but extremely photorealistic. Close inspection will notice odd details, like the way the blue scrubs blend in with the shirt collar, or the weird shape of the stethoscope.

“I’m neither a doctor nor popular.”

Doctor M. Popular, blogger

  • Modbap!


    Modbap is a style of music that mixes the hard-hitting drums of boombap with modular synthesizers. The term was coined by Corry Banks (aka BboyTech) to describe his experiments in blending hip-hop with synths, but has since become the name of Corry’s synth company. I searched for “Modbap” on Bandcamp and was blown away by…

  • Back From WordCamp US in D.C.

    Back From WordCamp US in D.C.

    I just got back from a few days at WordCamp US in National Harbor, Maryland (just outside of Washington, D.C.). I shot, edited, and posted 12 interviews with WordPressers at the event and had a great time doing it. Here are the videos:

  • #SidewalkFriends: Repair Lines

    #SidewalkFriends: Repair Lines

    I like to keep my eye out for cool shapes during my walks and use them as inspiration for my #SidewalkFriends drawings. It’s like my version of hunting for Pokémon. Some spray paint marks the sections of cracked sidewalk that the city needs to repair. This was the inspiration of today’s Sidewalk Friends sketch, which I illustrated…

  • Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station

    Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station

    Steen and I wanted to see the Perseid meteor shower, so we hopped in a car and drove an hour south to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. We hoped that getting away from the lights of the city would improve our odds of seeing the meteor shower, but we didn’t expect it to be so foggy. All…