ASCII art comes alive in Stone Story RPG

Christine and I spent so much of our weekend playing Stone Story RPG that everything is starting to look like ASCII art to me. I’ll admit that I originally bought the game because I thought it looked so… Read More

My Favorite Games of 2019

Holy cow, 2019 was an incredible year for games. Here are my favorites: Dune The only board game on this list, but it’s fucking incredible, so I had to list it here. When we heard that DUNE was… Read More


After doing ASCII art versions of Star Wars, Frank Frazetta’s “Death Dealer”, and the Muybridge Horse, I wanted to try creating my own original fantasy scene with ASCII art. So I created this Ogrehunter piece: And here’s the… Read More

My favorite photo apps for the iPhonehole

Since I began sharing my Daily App Experiment on Instagram, one of the most common questions I get asked is “What are your favorite photo apps”. Here is my list 1. Camera- I know everyone wants to hear… Read More