World Yo-Yo Contest favorites 2019

I wasn’t able to attend the World Yo-Yo Contest this year, but luckily all of the freestyle videos are online. Here are a few of my favorites:


ASCII art comes alive in Stone Story RPG

Christine and I spent so much of our weekend playing Stone Story RPG that everything is starting to look like ASCII art to me.

I’ll admit that I originally bought the game because I thought it looked so stylish, but I’m glad that I did. It’s a really addictive and fun strategy game with RPG elements. It’s on sale now too, so maybe go buy it? Here’s the trailer.


Chess Lessons

I spotted this makeshift “ad” promoting chess lessons on the side of a MUNI stop the other day.

After a few suggestions from folks on Twitter, I decided to call the number listed on the bottom (1-855-596-5065). To my surprise, the only thing on the other end of the line was a short recording of “Take My Breath Away.

I thought it was really weird at first, but then Christine reminded me I practically did the same thing with a poster I made 10 years ago.


How Nick Fury Lost His Eye

I stumbled upon some old Nick Fury comics that I think might explain how Nick Fury lost his eye.

I mean… c’mon! Didn’t he think about this before he put his helmet on?

But he didn’t even learn his lesson the first time!

Will he ever learn?