Doc Pop wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck. He appears to be in a doctors outfit and he looks like a doctor. 

This image is AI generated, but extremely photorealistic. Close inspection will notice odd details, like the way the blue scrubs blend in with the shirt collar, or the weird shape of the stethoscope.

“I’m neither a doctor nor popular.”

Doctor M. Popular, blogger

  • #SidewalkFriends: Bride Of Frankenstein

    #SidewalkFriends: Bride Of Frankenstein

    I like to keep my eye out for cool shapes during my walks and use them as inspiration for my #SidewalkFriends drawings. It’s like my version of hunting for Pokémon. A dry section of the sidewalk on a wet day was the inspiration for this week’s Sidewalk Friends sketch. A new #SidewalkFriends sketch, inspired by some wet…

  • Testing the Fediverse Embeds Plugin For WordPress

    Testing the Fediverse Embeds Plugin For WordPress

    I’m testing out the new Fediverse Embeds Plugin by Stefan Bohacek today. Let’s give it a test by embedding Stefan’s announcement post on Mastodon. This tool should give me more control over embedded posts from Mastodon on my blog. To use it, you’ll need to go to a post on Mastodon, grab the embed code…

  • Tumblr Is Downsizing

    Tumblr Is Downsizing

    Automattic, the makers of, acquired Tumblr in 2019. They put a big investment into bringing new users to the platform, including building a Gutenberg-powered post editor, but they failed to make the site profitable. This week, an internal document leaked that showed Automattic would soon be moving Tumblr employees onto other projects (like…

  • Sidewalk Friends: Coffee Gremlin

    Sidewalk Friends: Coffee Gremlin

    Spilled coffee was the reference for today’s #SidewalkFriends sketch. I know it’s not technically a sidewalk or even outdoors, but sometimes you gotta shake things up a little bit. Just try not to spill it on your counter

  • Glitched and Spooky Pics From Our Neighborhood

    Glitched and Spooky Pics From Our Neighborhood

    Each year around this time, I like to take my circuit-bent HP Photosmart 435 digital camera with me as I check out some of the Halloween decorations in our neighborhood in San Francisco. This is in the Mission, Bernal, La Lengua part of town, where there’s usually lots of spooky displays in front of people’s…

  • Move Purposefully And Fix Things

    Move Purposefully And Fix Things

    “Move Purposefully And Fix Things” is a design I created in 2018 as a counter to the famous “Move Fast And Break Things” slogan that had been ruining the internet for the past decade. I created this logo after reading DJ Patil’s excellent article about creating a code of ethics for data scientists, data engineers,…