New Yo-Yo Shirts

I just added some fresh new designs to my Threadless page. Including a collection of yo-yo related clothes. One of my favorites is an illustration for the freehand patent, which just expired at the beginning of this month. The art looks rad on a shirt.

Gary Numan and the Sneezeguard Army

I love Gary Numan, but I honestly can’t say why I decided to make this.

The Pleasure Principle (2020 special edition)

Already got some good suggestions for song tracks:

A Dubstep Remix of a Broken Printer

I just kicked off my 3rd week of my Quarantine Jams, a daily beat making project. To break things up a little beat, I’ve been hunting for more unusual sounds to chop up and build around. A friend sent me this audio recording of a broken Epson Stylus 600 printer and said I might like to take a stab at it. As soon as I heard the “air horn” I knew it would be a fun audio source to play with.

You can hear the rest of my Quarantine Jams here:

Quarantine Jams

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on a daily songwriting project. So far they are just beats, but I’m hoping to find some musicians to work with to build them out more. I’m sharing them daily on my Twitter or you can follow the playlist here.