Making SPAM Musubi

I learned a lot of things at ORDcamp this year in Chicago, but I wasn’t able to attend the “How To Make SPAM Musubi” workshop. After hearing from so many people about how easy it was, I decided to learn. I’ve gone through two cans of SPAM since then.

Here is the video that taught me how it’s done.

KnifeTank: Final 24 hours on KS and a new tank!

It’s o-fish-al, we just crossed the 500 backer mark on the KnifeTank Kickstarter, so we’ve unlocked the new “Fish Tank” card that you’ve been herring about. This is a bonus tank that will come with your KS rewards. For those who missed it, the Fish Tank was a tank originally suggested in the comments on a previous post, then my artist mocked up 3 versions of what the tank could look like… and now you get to see the fin-al art!

Fish Tank art (not drawn to scale)

Some of you may have noticed something fishy about the this particular card… most tanks only have one turret symbol (the yellow circle), but Fish Tank has two. This means the Fish Tank allows you to choose which turret you want to use when making an attack. Will this break the game? Any fin is possible, but don’t think it’ll be a turtle disaster. Besides, this seemed like a good oppor-tuna-ty to experiment with a new idea. It’s bass-ically a normal tank with one more turret in the back.
I look forward to hearing many tails of epic Fish Tank battles. Will your tank be the sole survivor?
Cod I hope I don’t lose too many followers from all these sofishticated puns. At least I’m kraken myself up.

Songs Mashed Up With Composition 4’33”

I might be the only one that thinks these videos are enjoyable, but I still crack up every-time I watch one. Making them was a blast, I just sorted iTunes by song length then found my favorite songs that happened to be four and half minutes long, then I scoured Youtube for a few performances of John Cages “Composition 4’33” and mashed them together in Premiere. You can still hear some of the audience sounds and incidentals from the live performances. You can watch all 7 mashup videos here

For anyone interested in learning more about Composition 4’33”, I highly recommend this episode of 20 Thousand Hertz. It’s my favorite explanation of the piece and has a powerful experiment at the end of it.

Nerdcore, KnifeTank, Beefy, and me

One thousand folks have asked me “Who’s that rapping on your Kickstarter video?“. I produced the beat and hired a death-metal singer to scream on the hooks, but the real star of the song is Beefy, a legendary nerdcore rapper from Kennewick, WA.

Beefy is one of my oldest buddies in the nerdcore rap scene. We’ve made dozens of songs over the years including “Ball Pit”, “Tub of Tobasco“, “Tilt“, and “The Sound“, but our KnifeTank collabs are some of my favorite projects.

Ten years ago, when we were working on a point and stab adventure game called KnifeTank: The Hauntening, I reached out to Beefy to add hist talents to that soundtrack. His verses for the “Crimson Dreams” perfectly captured the silly/scary/metal vibe of the KnifeTank universe. You can check out the full album, which was co-produced by Crashfaster, here or check out the 8bit Betty remix of “Crimson Dreams” here:

Beefy and I still collaborate occasionally. In fact I recently appeared on Beefy’s new song “Tag Team” along with MC Frontalot, ytCracker, Glenn Case, Mikal Khill, and Lil Jordo. That song just went live this morning as part of the Nerdcore VPC 6 challenge coming later today.

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