Dirty Little Pictures

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here are some more pics from Dirty Little Secret (sans beard cause they are 3 months old).

see, I comb my hair sometimes.


Blah blah blah.


What? You want more blabbity blah blah?



Me checking me, checking me, checking me out in the mirror.

Other people checking me out in mirrors.

Kung Fu Apple Sauce

I hung out at Karen’s pad yesterday. She lives across the puddle, so I don’t visit her too often, but we had been talking about watching Kung Fu Hustle together for a long time, so I was eager to make the trip.
I was also eager to make mixed drink concoctions with my fave sake and some Calpico Soda
= happy
So the movie was great, I’m so glad I own it because I plan on watching it over and over again. I got so much more out of it this time, including a lot of real quick subtle jokes that are in there.
After the movie, Karen pulled out her juicer and we mixed a juiced apple with nigori sake. It was fucking amazing and shall be called Kung Fu Apple Sauce from here on out.
I have a bunch of new pics from the show and new art. I’ll try to post it soon.
Oh yeah, real excited about seeing why? at Bottom of the Hill this weekend, and meeting Lisa Carver at Modern Tymes.

Fuck it, Just Fuck it…

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It’s possible that I’ve always been a crotchety old man, but I think that my grumpiness has greatly usurped my easy going-ness over the last few years. Here’s a list of things that can go fuck themselves:

Fuck daylight savings time- I hate getting off work without any daylight to enjoy. I’m not complaining about the days getting shorter, I can live with that, but going to work early and then coming home in pitch darkness makes me feel like all I do is work.

Fuck Halloween- I don’t mind it in small towns, but in the city it feels like people are just looking for an excuse to get crazy. There’s just so many assholes out on Halloween looking to start a fight, I’m-a just barricade my doors at 7pm and say night night.

Fuck new music- Okay, now I’ve always had a peeve with people who just diss on new music. For most of my life it felt like all my friends listened to the Cure or the Ramones and always bitched about new music, wherein I always new everything about practically every new indie rock band out there, I knew the singer names and album info for album’s that I hadn’t ever even heard. Now I sort of feel like I’m becoming really cemented in my tastes, I’ve been re-collecting my favorite records from the nineties and HECK-A diggin’ on these 10 and 15 year anniversary rereleases (Dirty, the Blue Album, Entroducing, Downward Spiral, Crooked Rain, and that new nirvana “Sliver” disc). It feels with every disc I’m buying I’m putting together my own fort, you can find me crouched up inside it yelling “your music sucks” from within it. But seriously, I’m having a hard time finding good music that I haven’t already heard, as a result the artists I’m seeing have been around forever and have huge packed shows (note:Fuck Packed Shows).

Fuck the Electoral College- Okay, kind of an odd one, but when we’re talking about disenfranchised voters we have to look at the system wherein every vote doesn’t really matter (voting dem in texas is of course a futile exercise) and be able to say “maybe this is why people don’t bother voting”. I mean look at those reality tv shows with the call in voting, people do it because they wanna feel involved. Now, imagine if that was split up by state, we’ll okay dumb point. But fuck the electorial college non-the-less. Every citizen should shape the election no matter where they live, I’m tired of swing states getting all the attention, and I believe that the 3rd party system can better get a gripping in a fair system.

Fuck careless bikers: As bad as careless drivers, bikers should be a step above that. But I keep having these run ins with these cats that just run through every stop sign and light, I mean they don’t even slow down or look around, they’ve got this arrogant “I’m so important nobody will hit me vibe”, which is fine if they are the only ones in danger, but I’m constantly seeing these cats nearly knock down pedestrians, or cause accidents just because they can’t slow down.

Fuck my apartment: The cops came over 5 times last weekend, and there’s this crazy shit with someone on my floor, and the downstairs neighbor. I need a break for a while, so I’m moving to the Tenderloin to sub-lease an apartment from my buddy RJ. I mean, it’s plenty crazy over there too, but at least tranny crackwhores don’t do drive byes or threaten to stab you because you are wearing a blue shirt.

Gamelan Night

Friday, October 21, 2005
I knew a guy once who was vehimently homosexual, but claimed that he had to have sex with a girl about every 6 months just to remind himself of how gay he was.
I hate shakespeare, for as long as I can remember I have always hated shakespeare. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, and it’s not that I go to see some shakespearian play twice a year to remind myself, rather I avoid him as much as possible. But shakespeare is one of those things… Like Pot or Beer. Whenever I say “I’ve never done Pot.” the reply is always “Oh, I totally have to get you high.” etc…
My buddy Phil is into the noise rock scene. I guess locally he’s well known for it. He told me about some of the groups he plays with called The Gamelan. Apparently they are pretty succesful, and actually get big money grants and stuff.
I was pretty weirded out when I finally reached him after a couple weeks of leaving messages and he said he had been super busy with The Gamelan lately. “I’ve been super busy, we practice 3 nights a week for 4 hours a night”.
4 hours a night. I’m not dissing the genre, but how much do you have to practice to make noise? What’s the worst that could happen? You get onto a stage with your noise band and not make any [noise]?
To get to the point, Phil called me monday to invite me to a performance of his band with a Balinese Shadow Puppetry performance of shakespeare’s The Tempest.
Review here, via your local mega corporate newspaper.
It turns out, Gamelan wasn’t the name of his group, but the type of group.
The screen was giant, like a movie screen, and the images were surreal. The most impressive part of the show was the number of “camera angle” changes. I would say the folks running the lights had the most complex task of all the performers. The puppetry was very surreal, and the adaptation was decent, but it was still shakespeare. There’s no getting around it. Add gats, cars, and ho’s and it’s still fucking shakespeare, there’s nothing you can do to change that fact.
The music was cool, it was the sort of stuff with the guy that goes “awahooooo-o-oh” and the sitar that goes “twang, tway-nay-nay-NAY-nwang” and the drum that goes “BOOooomwoooOM… Boom ba BOOooomwoooOM”.
It was cool finally getting a sense of what Phil does, and the puppetry and scenery where great new experiences.

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